Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory

The Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC) is a digital repository project that advances literary research in and about Canada. The Collaboratory is built using Islandora, which is known for delivering strong curation and preservation functions to digital content and for having a less than stellar user interface.

True to form, this site suffered from non friendly user experience, due in part to a combination of overlayers and tabs and a confusing navigational structure. Customizable data views were lacking and visual branding was poor.

Digital Echidna worked closely with CWRC partners to assess the goals of the repository and the needs of its users. With this information an attractive, cohesive and intuitive user portal with a smart navigational strategy was constructed. The solution uses Drupal to create one cohesive presentation layer, deftly integrates third party tools, and allows for personalized administrative interfaces.

The overall result is an intuitive site that artfully empowers collaborative modes of scholarly writing online.

Technical Features
AODA Compliant Development
Drupal Development
Graphic Design
Responsive Design
User Experience
User Interface Design
Web Development
Image representing Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory