Drupal 8 is the newest version of the world's premier content management system. It's been developed over four years and represents the latest and greatest iteration of this incredible software. Digital Echidna proudly supports and contributes to the ongoing development of Drupal 8.

Drupal is an open-source software maintained and developed by a community of over one million users and developers. It is embraced by some of the world's largest and most recognizable brands, including Harvard, Oxford, The Economist, The Beatles, and many more.

Digital Echidna has been developing almost exclusively on Drupal for a number of years. In fact, many members of the Digital Echidna team were heavily involved in the building of Drupal 8, dedicating hundreds of hours to development, testing, and quality assurance of the final product.

So why should you be interested in Drupal 8?

Because it offers:

  • a better content authoring experience;
  • a mobile-first focus;
  • extensive accessibility integration -- important for AODA compliance;
  • post-browser era design;
  • faster performance;
  • multilingual capabilities; and
  • a better integration with the industry standard approach.

Drupal 8 is the choice of enterprise-level companies looking for a robust, flexible, and high-performance option for your digital solutions. And Digital Echidna has the experience, expertise, and ability to help you reach your goals.

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