Definition: a public declaration of policy and aims.

Digital is an essential component of leading organizations.

We provide essential services to harmonize your digital world.

The Philosophy of Essential

We define essential services as the ones that are no longer "nice to haves" - services that are truly the digital essentials in today's marketplace.

This is our focus. This is our specialty.

Services such as:

  • content marketing content
  • lead generation lead
  • content management sales
  • content managementcontent

What We Believe In

  • Cope


    Create Once, Publish Everywhere. A content management philosophy that treats content as an organization wide asset vs. disposable website fluff.

  • mobile first

    Mobile First

    The world is literally in the palm of your customers’ hands. We make sure your message gets to them in a way that’s intuitive, appealing, and effective – on any size of screen.

  • accessibility


    We believe your message matters. So we’ll ensure your content is accessible to the widest-audience possible. Echidna is a leader in on-line accessibility efforts.

  • Open source drupal

    Open Source Drupal

    We are proud contributors of a global community committed to open-source technology and making Drupal the most powerful, flexible, and secure CMS out there.

  • ongoing support

    Ongoing Support & Maintenance

    We believe our relationship doesn’t end when we hand over the ‘keys.’ We’re in it for the long haul, ensuring your Echidna solution keeps meeting your needs and goals.

Our Process

We start with the basics

  • contentcontent what needs to
    be said
  • commerceconnections getting content
  • commerce driving desired actionscommerce driving desired

Customer Experience

We get to know your business, your needs, your goals, and your efforts. Then we work with you to find the right solution. Our diverse team of project managers, creatives, developers, and support staff has the experience and know-how to deliver not just what you want – but what you need to take your business to the next level.

TalentTalent diverse skillsets and backgrounds, all in-house
addition sign
EmpathyEmpathy when things change directions, we're both in this together.
multiply sign
ExperienceExperience we've successfully executed hundreds of projects.
equals sign

Our Core Values

Humble Confidence

We are confident in our abilities, our results, and our recommendations, but we also respect the perspectives of others and are willing to challenge our assumptions to improve our efforts. We see good work and good deeds as rewards in and of themselves, but will accept accolades with grace and humility when presented with them.


We are passionate and committed to the work we do and the people with whom we work. We believe in exceeding expectations, completing work on schedule, supporting the community, and respecting each other's time and the need for work/life balance.

Helpful/Team Player/Easy To Work With

We understand the value of teamwork and supporting one another. We believe in allowing people to use their unique skills and talents, and supporting them when work falls out of their comfort zone. We believe in flexibility and putting the clients' needs at the core of everything we do. 


We value the contributions that each of our team members brings to the team and we strive to ensure they work in an environment that's supportive, and understanding of their personal and professional needs. We are proud that people want to work here and that we have high employee retention, and we work to ensure that is never taken for granted. 

Always Learning/Improving

We foster an environment that encourages sharing of skills and knowledge, and encouraging innovation. We understand that personal growth through knowledge acquisition and sharing strengthens us all. Whether it's through personal learning, professional development, or attendance at events, we encourage employees to continue to learn and grow.

What Our Clients Are Saying


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What's in a Name?

So where does the name “Echidna” come from? What is an Echidna anyway? 
When President and Founder, Andrew McClenaghan, returned to London with a computer science degree and a thriving entrepreneurial spirit he knew he wanted to start a digital services company. Sitting around a campfire in 1999 with his brother-in-law Warren, a Canadian born and Australian raised engineer, the topic of conversation moved toward a name for Andrew’s fledgling company.

Andrew wanted a name which represented his values as a problem solver. A name which fit the up and coming digital space: 

Unique, Resourceful and Adaptive.

Immediately Warren had the perfect name. “Echidna.”

An Echidna is an Australian monotreme, meaning “egg-laying mammal.” One of only two in the world. The other being the cousin of an Echidna, the Platypus. Echidna’s are known for being evolutionarily adaptive, thriving in the harsh Australian outback – gaining long-spiky protective quills like a porcupine. Evolving a long snout and sticky tongue, like an anteater, perfect for finding food in the harsh Australian desert.