One Day Workshop

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Course Description

This training session, led by an Acquia-certified developer, will arm you with the skills needed to better serve your client or organization website, with the creation of custom modules. 

Learning Objectives

  • Drupal Module Development Fundamentals
  • Creating Your First Module
  • Building a sample RSVP Module
  • Automated Testing
  • Drush and Drupal Console

Who should take this course?

Attendees should already be familiar with Drupal 8 and have some experience with site-building or with Drupal-based websites. This course is best for web support teams, developers, or IT support team members that work at an organization that uses Drupal.

Yes, I'm Interested!


What do I need to bring?

You need to bring a laptop and charger to the course.

What size is the class?

Our classes usually have 6-10 participants.

Is lunch or parking provided?


Do you offer custom training and do you travel?

Yes, we can provide on-site, custom training for your team.

How can you outsmart your competitors by learning Drupal Module Development?

Highly Scalable

The Drupal framework is highly scalable, making it a preferred choice for both large and small organizations. You can easily extend existing functionalities without affecting regular production routines. It can be scaled to accommodate millions of users when it’s optimized well, making it one of the most scalable CMS out there. 

User-Friendly for eCommerce Sites

The Drupal framework is exceedingly popular with eCommerce sites owing to its capability to quickly assimilate payment gateways and other APIs. It is search-engine friendly, fast, offers plenty of free themes, and is a secure application framework making it an ideal choice for eCommerce websites. 

Completely Secure

The Drupal community’s focus has always been on the security of its framework and offers unprecedented defence against security breaches. The community also releases regular security patches and provides access to the security module via an admin panel. Also, it is easy to administer and customize as per your company’s security policies. 

Super Flexible

Drupal is highly flexible and is capable of accomplishing a wide range of tasks owing to its modular approach and endless ability to integrate multiple applications and API. There are thousands of community-created modules on the web. If it doesn’t meet your business goals, we can customize it as per your requirements to extend its functionality.

Cross-browser Adaptability

Drupal supports every top browser in the market and offers seamless compatibility across significant players like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. The features and functionality of your website display uniformly across these browsers, and it provides a consistent user experience. The Drupal community is always there to addresses the queries you may have about specific browser issues. 

Why choose our company for Drupal Module Development

Professional Developer Certification

Our developers are accredited and professionally certified Drupal experts based in Ontario with years of experience in developing world-class Drupal solutions for popular platforms like the web and mobile. We are aware of the latest industry best practices and built tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Proven Technique

Our unique Drupal project design and development methodology are inherited from the world’s best software development principles like Agile. It lays particular emphasis on quality and phased development, and we also carefully track the project for a timely delivery. 

Complete Transparency

Our mission is to deliver world-class Drupal projects while nurturing an engagement model with our clients, which is entirely transparent and encourages a spirit of collaboration and creativity. You will have exact details about our strategy and tools used to deliver your Drupal projects successfully, and we are always open to any queries.

Rigorous Testing

Our website solutions are put through a stringent and comprehensive testing pipeline that covers a wide range of features tested for stability, user experience, and accessibility. We use the best manual and automated website testing tools in the industry to deliver a flawless website.

On-time Delivery

We have a perfect record for delivering all our Drupal projects on time without compromising on quality and testing. Our unique Agile-based development methodology factors in multiple exigencies that arise during development. It ideally suites to ensure timely delivery while being constant in communication with you about the project status.

Advantages of using Drupal Modules for your website

Enterprise-level Quality

The reason why Drupal is fast gaining a favorable reputation with organizations is because of its inherent ability to integrate with enterprise-class software and systems, such as SAP. It can seamlessly merge with your existing software ecosystem, offer uncompromised security, and is suitable for organizations of all sizes. We are the leaders in Ontario!

High Ability to Integrate

The Drupal CMS is praiseworthy for its high ability to integrate with existing and disparate systems, as it is highly challenging in other CMS platforms. Drupal can quickly merge with other applications making it easier for companies to extend technology functionalities via web services and methods with minimal downtime.

Supports Multiple Languages

A great feature of the Drupal CMS is its in-built support for multiple languages, which efficiently manages any localization requirements for your organization. It makes it instantly available to global audiences while allowing a wide range of customizable translation and new language integration options.

Completely Open Source

Drupal is conceptualized, developed, and fully supported by the Open Source community. There are plenty of free modules and themes developed by the active and supportive community worldwide, which can be used for your projects at free of cost. So, It contributes to a significant reduction in the overall cost of your website development. We contribute to the project our Ontario headquarters. 

Adaptable to Mobile

Drupal is fully versatile for mobile devices of varying screen sizes and resolutions. The websites are fully responsive, letting users experience the same level of interactivity as a traditional website. Drupal’s mobile-first approach offers plenty of responsive modules for navigation and multimedia, along with world-class tools for testing your website.