michael garron hospital

A healthcare institution delivers a new digital experience to match a new strategic vision, mission, and visual rebrand. Striking design, rich user interaction, and target copy reinforce this hospital’s vibrant identity as a custodian of health in the city of Toronto. 

Two new websites and new intranet support the strategic priorities of this hospital and help elevate its new brand. A Drupal 8 platform delivers an intuitive experience across all three sites.

These fully-featured, accessible, and best in class award-winning digital experiences promote content discovery and support new business processes. The new sites - a public-facing hospital site, a Foundation website, and social staff intranet digital experience - ensure better alignment to support MGH strategic priorities, its brand refresh, and communications objectives.

Technical Features
AODA Compliant Development
Drupal Development
Information Architecture and UX/UI Recommendations
Responsive Design
Social Media Integration
User Experience
Michael Garron Hospital with photos of website on phone and laptop