Dozens of departments, multiple roles, 13,000 staff users. And the need for one, simple solution. That was the challenge we faced with developing London Health Sciences Centre’s Intranet solution.

In addition, it needed to be simple, intuitive, and flexible enough to allow a variety of users – all with varying degrees of technical know-how – to upload and manage their department’s Intranet presence. And it had to coexist with the existing Intranet solution, as not all departments would be transitioned at launch.

The Drupal-based, mobile-friendly solution was designed with simplicity and scalability in mind. The interface allows users to customize their experience so that they are able to receive the information they deem most important to their role and department, whilst still enabling the site’s administrators to select key resources for quick access.

The initial launch required Digital Echidna to develop Intranet sites for four departments, to serve as a template for LHSC’s internal team to commence a rollout plan that will eventually transition all departments to the new format.

Technical Features
Content Management System Development
Content Strategy
Database Development
Drupal Development
Graphic Design
User Interface Design
Web Development
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