London Health Sciences Centre wanted to improve its culture and reputation by connecting efficiently and effectively to all target audiences and bring to the digital space its patients-first attitude and service. From this desire, a multi-year multi-phase project that saw the adoption of Drupal as its digital experience management system of choice was born.

LHSC chose Drupal for its ability to drive web content and multichannel, personalized experiences with users, customers, and visitors, wherever they might be. Applications based on the Drupal framework are secure, require no vendor lock-in, and can quickly adjust to new trends in technology.

LHSC selected web design and digital agency, Digital Echidna, as its vendor of choice to assist it with its journey. The first major project included the redesign and relaunch of the organization’s intranet. This involved working with Digital Echidna to roll-out a Drupal-based social intranet product, EchidNET. The following year, LHSC, together with Digital Echidna, tackled public-facing sites slated for the Drupal treatment.

By 2019, the LHSC completed its mission. For LHSC, using Drupal has enhanced ease of communications management, reduced IT disruption expenses, and eliminated redundancy enabling key medical staff to redirect their time to engaging and interacting with patients rather than bearing the technical brunt of technology.

Technical Features
AODA Compliant Development
Compliance to WCAG 2.0 Level AAA
Consultation and Project Planning
Content Migration
Content Strategy
Drupal Architecture Design
Enhanced Search Capabilities via Solr
Information Architecture and UX/UI Recommendations
Migration Plan
Mobile Development
Responsive Design
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Integration
Third-Party Integrations