Website issues included poor search, slow page load speed, and broken links. With a new strategic directive to operate ‘informationally’ vs. ‘transactionally’ with more client touch-bases beyond the “I’ve been hurt moment”, it was time to address these issues.


The redesigned site uses Drupal 8 and better equips employers and funders with information on enrollment issues and other health and safety standards and statistics. It also supports stronger messaging that speaks to WSIB’s most influential audience and the ones who most often call its service line: the individual in need of its services.

Site search, the fallout of which had caused many people to have to contact the WSIB service call centre, was revamped completely and now uses the powerful Solr Search API Integration. Solr is known for its speed and ability to handle both the complexity and data-heavy search needs of large commercial websites.

This project took eight months to complete.

Technical Features
AODA Compliant Development
Consultation and Project Planning
Content Management System Development
Content Migration
Drupal Architecture Design
Enhanced Search Capabilities via Solr
Information Architecture and UX/UI Recommendations
Responsive Design
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Integration
Third-Party Integrations
Training and Handover
Web Development
Cross-section of WSIB website on different devices.