The London Arts Council and London Heritage Council enjoy a symbiotic and successful relationship in the City of London. However, their respective online presences were causing confusion amongst cultural patrons and the local arts and heritage communities.

The concept of the site was to develop a one-stop shop for all of culture in London. As the two councils both support and promote culture in the city, we needed to strike a balance between promoting events and activities, whilst still allowing end-users to quickly and easily find funding and support opportunities.

In addition, the two organizations were launching its Citizen Culture program, which is designed to give newcomers to the city a free pass that allows them to access a variety of cultural opportunities, to help them learn about our culture and transition to their new environment, so an online registration component was important.

Digital Echidna created a Drupal-based site, providing the councils with flexibility for users and registrations. It features Google Map integration, allowing the council to dynamically plot points on a map based on the content entered by its users, robust search and calendar functionality, and integration of a PDF display module that facilitates the preparation of membership cards.

Technical Features
Content Management System Development
Content Strategy
Database Development
Drupal Development
Graphic Design
User Interface Design
Web Development
Images representing the website, for the London Arts Council and London Heritage Council